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Errors 4.2

Ampache's API errors are loosely based around the HTTP status codes. All errors are returned in the form of an XML/JSON Document however the string error message provided is translated into the language of the Ampache server in question. All services should only use the code value.

Example Error messages

<error code="501">Access Control Not Enabled</error>
"error": {
"code": "404",
"message": "share 107 was not found"

Current Error Codes

All error codes are accompanied by a string value for the error and derived from the HTTP/1.1 Status Codes

  • 501 Access Control not Enabled
    • The API is disabled. Enable 'access_control' in your config
  • 400 Bad Request
    • Used when you have specified a valid method but something about the input is incorrect, invalid or missing
    • You can check the error message for details, but do not re-attempt the exact same request
  • 401 Received Invalid Handshake
    • This is a temporary error, this means no valid session was passed or the handshake failed
  • 403 Access Denied
    • The requested method is not available
    • You can check the error message for details about which feature is disabled
  • 404 Not Found
    • The API could not find the requested object
  • 405
    • This is a fatal error, the service requested a method that the API does not implement
  • 412 Failed Access Check
    • Access denied to the requested object or function for this user