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Podcast Search

This page focuses on a single object type.

NOTE This type is only available in Ampache develop (Ampache 5.5.0+)

Refer to the main Advanced Search page for further information regarding the advanced_search method.

Available search rules

Select the type of search based on the type of data you are searching for. (songs, playlists, etc)

rule_1TitleOperator Type
titleTitle / Nametext
name(*Alias of title)
podcast_episodePodcast Episodetext
podcast_episode_title(*Alias of podcast_episode)
played_times# Playednumeric
skipped_times# Skippednumeric
play_skip_ratioPlayed/Skipped rationumeric
last_playMy Last Playdays
last_play_or_skipMy Last Play OR skipdays
myplayedPlayed by Meboolean
timeLength (in minutes)numeric
stateFile state (completed, pending skipped)boolean_numeric
status(*Alias of state)
pubdatePublication Datedate

Available operator values

Select your operator (integer only!) based on the type or your selected search

rule_1_operatortextnumericdateboolean, boolean_numeric, days
0containsis greater than or equal to / has lovedbeforeis true / before (x) days ago
1does not containis less than or equal to / has rated 5 starsafteris false / after (x) days ago
2starts withequals / has rated 4 stars
3ends withdoes not equal / has rated 3 stars
4isis greater than / has rated 2 stars
5is notis less than / has rated 1 stars
6 (Text Only)sounds like
7 (Text Only)does not sound like
8 (Text Only)matches regular expression
9 (Text Only)does not match regular expression